This site was founded in March 2014, shortly after I finished my professional training as a neurologist. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

An anastomosis is the place where separate parts of a branching network communicate with one another, as in a confluence of waterways or a union of blood vessels. Anastomoses may also be created artificially, as in surgery. These writings are an anastomosis of medicine and faith, of science and religion, of life and death, of work and home, and of church and family. The goal of these posts is to help people understand the faith that breathes so much hope and purpose into my life, and also to practice and improve my skills as a writer.

Medicine and Faith is a noncommercial website, maintained at my personal expense and on my own time. A few posts have been written by guest authors. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of our employers. This website is not an official publication of the Church and is not endorsed by the Church. If you want to read official Church content, then please visit its official website.

The purpose of this website is not to dispense medical advice; people who need such advice should get it from their own doctors, not from the Internet. We will not be held liable for health decisions you make without consulting with your doctor.

Alan B. Sanderson, MD

NOTE: For information regarding the name of this site, which has changed over time, please read this post:

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