John M. Stang Memorial Scholarship Fund

I am happy to report that my recent post about Dr. Stang has generated interest in creating a memorial scholarship in his name. This effort is spearheaded by Dr. Meredith Broderick from the class of 2003. I have personally pledged $1,000, and am willing to pledge more in the future.

UPDATE 3/2018: The fund has been created, and the university is accepting donations at the following site: I have already made good on my pledge.

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5 replies to “John M. Stang Memorial Scholarship Fund

  1. UPDATE: We are up to $44,500 but would still like to reach our goal of $50,000

    We have contacted the OSUCOM development office about next steps

    We have contacted a board member of the alumni association who will help us.

    Small pledges of $50-100 help and add up.

    Your name as a person who pledged support has an impact regardless of amount pledged.

    Please share on facebook or spread the word by mouth or email if you cannot pledge.


  2. Weekend Update from Meredith Broderick:
    “Happy Monday everyone. The pledges are continuing to trickle in as recently as this morning and we are up to $45,700. I am still very eager to reach our goal of $50,000.

    Together with Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Gill we have contacted the development office and hope to move forward with discussions shortly. We also have a member of the alumni association board looking into that avenue as a means to raise awareness.

    Our preliminary idea is to use this endowment, which means it will self sustain itself in eternity with John Stang’s name, to provide a scholarship or another award within the COM. Ideas and discussion is welcome. Please continue to share the link through facebook, email and word of mouth. It is possible we will not be able to create such an endowment without $50,000.”

    Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments section here.


  3. About the scholarship, here is what I wrote to Meredith a couple of weeks ago when we started this effort: “I think it makes the most sense to make it an award for teaching students, because that’s where Stang really left his mark. I like the idea of awarding it to a resident, because $5000 would really make a big difference to someone who is working their tail off and only earning a living wage. Also, I think excellent teaching from a resident means more than excellent teaching from a subintern. Subinterns are not half as burdened or cynical as residents are.”

    What do you think? Any other ideas?


  4. UPDATE: Good morning friends of Dr. Stang,

    I am writing with great news to share. This morning we passed our goal of raising $50,000 in pledges with a current tally of $50,700.

    We are still going to collect pledges because the more we can raise, the more of an impact this project can achieve. For those of you not familiar with endowments, for example, a gift of $50,000 will generate ~$1000 in interest per year to use for a scholarship, etc. So, if we raised $500,000 in pledges we could offer more. I think an endowment is the way to go since it ensures the memorial will remain in place in perpetuity. However, I am open to ideas and ultimately, we should investigate where there is a need and where the gift can be useful.

    At this point, we are in the process of making contact with OSU and seeing what options we have for making this collective gift. So for now keep spreading the word and feel free to input any suggestions.

    We are here for any questions you might have and once again, thank you so much everyone!


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