The First Ever John M. Stang Award

Last week my lovely wife and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio, for the Internal Medicine residency graduation and awards ceremony at The Ohio State University, where the first ever John McNaugher Stang Award for Inspiring Internal Medicine Resident Teacher was awarded to Devin Haddad, MD and Mena Botros, MD of the graduation class of 2019. The award was announced by Raminder Gill, MD, who was another student of Dr. Stang’s and an early contributor to the scholarship fund. We were also joined by Janice Stang. Unfortunately Meredith Broderick, MD, who was the person who really made this happen, could not be there that night.

(L-R) Alan and Marisa Sanderson, Janice Stang, Raminder Gill

Here is a video of Dr. Gill’s presentation:

His words were appropriate and poignant, a fitting tribute to our friend and teacher, Dr. Stang. It was an honor for me to attend this event.

This trip was an extended date with Marisa, thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law who watched our kids at home for us while we traveled to Ohio. Marisa and I visited old friends and favorite places in Columbus, where we lived for 11 years. That was an extended time of growth and learning for us, as I described last year in my memoir about medical education. Just driving past the massive medical campus gave me flashbacks of the stress and exhaustion of those long years of training, and I am so glad to have them behind me! But I am grateful for the things I learned there, the strength I gained, and the friendships that helped me through. I am grateful for dedicated and inspiring teachers like Dr. Stang, and many more inspiring teachers, mentors, and friends in the Department of Neurology.

Most of all I am grateful to God for his mercy and grace, which so generously helped me in a time of need.

Alan B. Sanderson, MD is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is a practicing neurologist.

One reply to “The First Ever John M. Stang Award

  1. Nice trip for both of you. Interesting combination of feelings about the place where you spent many years training. Did you see any old friends while you were there?


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