LDSPMA Podcast: Becky Fawson

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Becky Fawson for the LDSPMA Podcast. Becky is one of my wife Marisa’s friends, and they often get together to talk about art and illustrating. During the interview we had a great conversation about her career in graphic art and illustrating, and she shared some precious wisdom about separating your success from your feelings of self worth and satisfaction in making art.

You can listen in the podcast player below, and you can also find the episode here:

Becky Fawson: Separating Success from Self-Esteem Called to Create: An LDSPMA Podcast

Becky Fawson pursues her passion for art with the same ferocity she did as an 18-year-old first-generation college student. Over the years, as she raised her family, she continued to hone and refine her skills as a graphic designer and illustrator. But it wasn’t until the grandchildren needed better picture books that she found her niche. “There are books that you want to hide from your children because you don't want them to bring it to you one more time,” she says.  Great children’s books, she says, will entertain, inspire, and visually delight. Fame and worldly notoriety are not the end game for Becky, but helping others feel valued by illustrating their story is. “I'm working with people, and they need somebody to value them too,” she says. If her art helps another feel their life has meaning, then Becky has lived well. Where some grandmas make quilts for their grandchildren, “I paint portraits,” she says.

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